Guide to Social Circle Gaming

First thing you have to do in this type of environment is to establish a network of pawns and fans. You should have more girl friends than guy friends. You should have multiple girl or coed friends. You should get “orbiters”. Sometimes your orbiters will magically make it logistics convenient enough for you to get together with them in a romantic or intimate way. Its up to you and your mood if you want to.

Unlike cold pickup and approaching strangers, where you cant hesitate and have to have to go right away, when you pick a particular target to which you will go full blast ربات بازی انفجار on, the first thing to do is step back study her. Find out her logistical habits, where she hangs out, what area she lives in, what she does for fun, her immediate circle of friends, and her social temperament (party girl/library chick/etc etc). Adjust your game based on this info. Do these things like it’s a “matter of fact” that you naturally notice. Like how the sky is blue or the color of the building.

You will then have to “coincidentally” bump into her in school/work during your breaks. She must notice you with your orbiters. It will be a lot easier to break into her immediate social circle of friends when you have enough experience with girl-friends. It is a lot easier if she usually hangs out alone or with one or two chicks. Since they see you regularly she recognizes your face, and sees you with orbiters, when you run into them, be polite and say hi.

Be indirect. Discretion and respect of privacy is very important in social circle gaming. You have to be discreet and keep the sexual tension just underneath the surface. Maybe she will put her guard up at first but if you have established the projected image that you are naturally close to women, she will put her guard down. Again, do not convey too much interest. Your interest should be conveyed in a subtle manner and a reward for her interest in you.

Once it’s regular and normal to interact with her, it’s important to pique her interest by telling her stories that project how cool your lifestyle is and it’s congruent with her interests. Drinking and hanging out with friends and parties is usually the common thing. Sometimes house party style, other times bar/club – depends on her interest. If she likes other things like art and so on, adjust your stories accordingly.

Since you like doing the same things you can get her number from there. You’re giving her conscious mind an excuse not to put up her guard. You should know how to verbally say neutral things but non-verbally increase sexual tension between both of you for you to do this. Light to medium kino (touching) and sexual projection (triangular linear gazing) does the trick mostly.

Dates/get-togethers: sometimes will be one on one, sometimes with one friend, sometimes you are just a guest of her friends or at a general social gathering. One on one is just standard flirting plus progressive isolation and progressively increased touching.

With the friends, light kino (touching) to her and you have to make her friends laugh. Most of the time in this scenario, your communication with her is only through body language and touching. You will have to wait for logistical windows for you to escalate. It will present itself if the friends like you. They will leave you two alone or you and your chick will have an opportunity for a private after party

The main mental obstacle is that they are afraid that you will kiss and tell. Be aware of this. There is usually a “drama speech moment” before she will be open to your advances. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you can avoid her friends altogether, the better. Having casual campus/work one on one short interactions. This is why you should know her break habits.